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JUNE 23 2012

This week’s Turtle drama took a different twist.  Brian Ludwig in the 94 showed up with the Pemberton Posse Turtle.  Looking at that turtle in his garage must have really motivated him because his car was fast on a rail this week.  He jumped out and drove away unchallenged to win the heat race.  Then dominated most of the feature and brought home a respectable second place finish.  What happened next could have never been predicted.  Lucy who is Brian’s owner said she was changing the rules and keeping the turtle for good luck.  Billy Wroble who is a stickler for rules, and needing some good luck for himself staged a covert mission to go and retrieve the turtle.  Now the turtle has become a trophy and a symbol of good luck instead of a reward for bad luck!Jun 9 2012


 Double Outlaw Stock features meant double the turtle passing.  Everett Taylor in the P38 arrived at the track with the Pemberton Posse turtle affixed to his hot rod from the last time out. With the make-up feature running first the P38 was on a mission to get out from under that shell.  Our beloved mascot found his way into the Spider web of the 11x.  Another posse member spoke of guarantees that he would never have the turtle and Spider Jr demonstrated to never say never when it comes to racing.  After the second feature the turtle found its way onto the #94 of Brian Ludwig.  After a quick lecture by other Posse members that have had the turtle on how to feed, water, and take for walks the Ludwig crew took the turtle home but did not speak of any guarantees to give it up next race.   

May 12 2012

The night was not looking so well for the Posse with 4 cars in the consolation race.  Woody in the 10w had the most to prove as he was the first to pilot the turtle this season.  With a tacky track all four dug in and began battling for the top spots needed to secure their place in the feature.  Jumping out to an early lead Eddy Tinsman simply refused to lose and led the competitive field around lap after lap.  Eddy won the consolation race and saw his first checkered flag.  As his crew were using crow bars to pry his helmet off they were unaware of what was lurking for them one pit spot over.  As Eddy was running away with the race Woody found himself in trouble and did not qualify.  This made our newest winner the last qualifier and the turtle was passed to the red 38.  As the feature started Eddy began moving through the field counting his options for turtle passing on his way.  Billy Wroble in the 23w caught a glimpse of turtle shell flying by and was suddenly motivated to rejoin the race. Unaware of laps left or position on track Billy gave chase and finally had the turtle back in sight.  An intense battle went on for many laps and the 23w finally squeezed by the 38 feeling safe from shells.  However a late race caution would collect the 23w and he watched the turtle sale around him again.  As one of the top finishing Posse cars Ed had multiple options to give the turtle to.  As Billy returned to his pit he did know what was lurking for him and the turtle was fastened to his hot rod before he could even ask “howd  ya do?”.

March 23 2012

No one is busier during the months of February and March then a racer.  The same is true for the Pemberton Posse.  Everyone is working diligently on their hot rods to make opening day.  From new paint to new power plants and even new cars the posse is coming with a vengeance.  The winter has been long and boring and now it’s time to hit the clay.  April 14th can’t get here soon enough. See you there.  

15 Oct 2011

This posse highlight of this week has to be the two little cars that tried.  I’m speaking of the Tinsmans 38, the Willits 71 and their magnificent effort.  After an unfortunate incident in the heat race that left them broke hard the 38 needed a radiator to continue.  Unfortunately a spare radiator is hard to come by at the track but that’s when the real race began.  Little brother drove all the way back to Riverside to retrieve the replacement part.  They returned to the track and fixed the car up for the feature.  Unfortunately a fan belt failure prevented them from finishing the race.  John, the head mechanic on the 71 was slated to wheel the car around for this race.  A mechanical failure in the heat race threatened an early evening.  Although parts were found and repairs made it was a water pump leak that prevented him from attempting the feature. All dressed up and no place to race I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see John looking for a regular ride next season.   

1 Oct 2011

This was invasion night for the Pemberton Posse as 4 cars planned to go to Bridgeport for double features on the 5/8 mile and the ¼ mile track.  The original lineup was Eddy in the 38, Brian in the 94, Spider in the 49, and Billy in the 23w.  Due to a hockey tournament Eddy could not make the race so in true posse fashion his tires were loaned to Woody in the 10w.  All eyes were on Brian and Woody, Brian as he had been very successful at Bridgeport in the past and Woody because he was carrying the turtle and looking to pass it off.  As invaders all posse cars started in the back but the track was smooth, grippy, and fast.  The first lap went from green to red as we saw the big one.  The 23w found himself in the middle of it as he slid under a car that was rolling over on the back straight away.  When you have tire marks on the horizontal parts of the car this is never good and the 23w was heavily damaged but made it back to the pit.  The posse crew went to work on it immediately.  Thanks to Jason Shawn and Derf after leaving 40% of the sheet metal in the pit the 23w made it back to the track just in time to take the green and motored to a respectable 5 place finish. Brian as predicted finished in the front in 3rd Woody and Spider were both subject to mechanical failure and did not finish. The ¼ mile proved interesting.  The 23w was experiencing radio problems and was confused as to where to start both at the beginning and after a caution.  He finally figured it out and finished in a hard earned 3rd place receiving his first ever trophy in victory lane.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

17 Sep 2011 



The final points night of the season brought a few unsuspected outcomes.  Everyone had their own agenda coming in to the race.  Billy Wroble was concerned with wheeling the 23w around Brian Ludwig’s 94 by four spots to gain back the number 5 position that was taken by Ludwig last race.  Everett Taylor was driving Jason Praters number 39 trying to salvage his points standings after wrecking his car last race.  And the driver trying the hardest was Marty Derr in the T1 looking to get that turtle out of his car.  The race was slow getting started as multiple cautions brought out single file restarts before halfway through the feature.  Ludwig in the 94 found some misfortune as he was collected in a spin by another car.  Everett found himself holding on as he too was the victim of unfortunate circumstances.  Billy Wroble ran his best race ever finishing 2nd and finishing the season in third place in the points standing.  Marty excelled the most as he passed Woody in the 10w with two laps to go.  This gave him the wrights to unload the turtle on the 10w.  Although Woody may be fairly new to racing he has enough experience to strap a turtle to his car. 

10 Sep 2011

As a whole the posse did not fair to well this night.  Brian in the 94 was the only member to embrace the full moon and drive to a respectable third place finish.  With an unprecedented 30 outlaw stocks in attendance a handful of posse cars did not make the feature.  Early in the race Billy’s 23w found himself parked in the side of Spider’s 49.  A hard hit left both cars heavily damaged.  An awesome effort by the entire posse pit crew got the 23w back out.  Although steering was heavily damaged he was able to finish the race and came home in a hard earned 11th place.  This night also saw the latest addition to the posse as Woody made his debut with the 10w.  Racing his way in through the conciliation race he completed his first ever regular feature.  Although Spider did not finish well he did finish better than others so that means that he will be using some zip ties and placing the turtle on the Der T Racing T-1 machine.  These two teams have some history as it was Spider that first put Marty in a race car and infected him with the highly contagious race fever.

Aug 13 2011
After this week’s race “Dude” the turtle found himself a new ride.  Two races ago Ed Tinsman took Dude out for his inaugural run.  Since he was the newest posse member he was responsible for running with the turtle first.  Another addition to his car was a yellow stripe on the rear bumper.  This was added at the track without Eddy’s knowledge by another anonymous posse member.  Eddy wheeled his car through the field passing cars at will counting his options as to who he could give the turtle to.   A broken axle late in the race almost sealed the deal for yet another race date with the turtle as other posse cars were fighting back for his position.  Knowing the race was almost over he kept his composure and stayed on the track for the remaining of the feature keeping some options for the passing of his co-pilot.  Eddy decided to give the turtle to Spider and promptly fastened it to the #49 machine.  Now the student becomes the teacher.  I am sure Spider won’t keep the turtle long but wonder where the next grudge resides and who the next winner of the "Turtle Award" will be.

                                            BILLY WROBLE
                                 SPIDER ENSINGER 
                   EVERETT TAYLOR
                       JASON PRATER

                                   EDDY TINSMAN  
                            BRIAN LUDWIG

                                EARL WILLETS  
              MARTY DERR (friend of the posse)
                                          PEMBERTON POSSE TURTLE AWARD
At any outlaw stock race you will notice one of the posse with the "Pemberton Posse Turtle" affixed to their car.  At the end of the feature they can choose any posse member that they finished in front of to race with the turtle at the next event.  The track will count positions and points, but true bragging rights come from not having a turtle as your co-pilot!
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The Pemberton Posse is a group of racers dedicated to making racing fun for drivers/crews and entertaining for fans.

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